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What Is Order Processing?

The answer to the question 'What is order processing?' is that it is a workflow that organizations often implement to prepare and deliver customer orders properly, accurately and on time. Order processing may involve large teams, smaller teams, a few individuals or even a single individual, depending upon the size of the operations of an organization. This workflow involves five well-defined steps that help organisations in managing everything from the moment a customer places an order until they deliver that order to the said customer.


1 Place Order

First select your products and design and conform order


2 Design

After confirm the design proof,we will do one sample to let you conform again.


3 Printing & Sublimation

If sample is ok,We will arrange your order to printing.


4 Cut & Sew

Our Mechanicsits will finish the rest work of jersey.


5 Quality Check                  

Our workers check the quality of Products.


6 Packing

One Jersey,one polybag And we have different size box. About 20-100pcs/box.


7 Delivery

Ofter doing all the steps.The goods will be delivered to your door soon.

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